rise to meet you

Some nights it seems that hope has gone beyond the horizon
Chasing the shadow of the sun
And some days it seems that every dream was lost
In translation into waking
All tomorrows' dawns swallowed in a gray sky
So we set fire to our paper wings without quite knowing why

Another turn of the world wasted, speaking silence
To the absence of anything worthwhile
And the clock chimes once again
If we must go forward, won't you sing me a sweeter song
Please, can't you sing me another song
Though I don't know the words
Raise our voices together, we can find a different tune
Somehow there will be another tune

I do believe the road will some day rise to meet me
And I do believe the wind will one day take your back
Even if for now there's only whatever which way we can
No matter how unbeautiful this life appears to be
I know we'll make it to that "some day" soon

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