Setting Silicone (Soft Glass) Eyes

Eyes in question are EyeCo 17mm in Dreamy. Masterpiece also makes silicone eyes; Soom eyes are also silicone.

Head in question will be Volks Super Dollfie SD13 Shirou Tachibana, who very much wants his eyes back after his faceup.

Akio: Darn straight I do.

Even though glass eyes and silicone eyes have a component in common, silicone eyes are flexible. Because of this, they sit better in sockets of different sizes because they can "squish" against the contours.
Roll yourself a ball of Sticky Tak.
Flatten this ball out to make yourself a pancake, and center your eye on it.
Don't make the pancake too thin or it won't work. This thickness is about right.
Get the eye positioned where you want it, and press the eye into place.

You'll want to press the edges of your pancake flat against the edges of the eye socket with your nail to secure it. If you made your pancake too thin, the part covering the eye will be weakened with you do this and you may find later that your eye has fallen back slightly into the socket, so make sure it's in there nice and tight with enough sticky tak behind the eye.

Do the same with the other eye.

Akio: Lather, rinse, and repeat?

No. ><;

When you have silicone eyes set right, there is basically no gap between the eye socket and the eye. Kind of a bad picture, but you get the idea.

Akio would now like his body and hair back.

Akio: Darn straight I would.